Agricultural robots

Electric / hydraulic steering engine

Features(Electric steering engine)
  • Steering via electric steering engine (RDU)
  • Wheelangle sensor option
  • High torque – suitable for old and new machines
  • Changed easily and quickly
  • Econimic solution to upgrade visual guidance system
Features(Hydraulic steering engine)
  • For all machines with hydraulic steering
  • Standard with wheel angle sensor
  • Extremely responsive
  • High fine control via best valve technology
  • Hydraulic pre installation of additional machines for component change
  • No turning of the steering wheel
Workings Photo
  • RDU
  • RDU2

Ultra sonic guidance

  • High precision steering (average error rate less than 3cm)
  • Combination with perfect GNSS
  • Automatic steering from ultra-low speed 0km/h
  • Applicable to all steering wheel
  • Strong in dusty and lighty external environment
Wide range of applications
  • Recognition and automatic steering
  • Wheel angle sensor adoption
  • Easy and fast automatic, manual mode switching
  • Much more economical than other automatic steering models
Workings Photo

Steering with GNSS

  • RGS 101: DGPS
  • RGS 325: Egnos/WAAS/OmniSTAR/Glonass(Upgrade to RTK possible)

Combi mode with GNSS and sensors

  • Steering in combination with GNSS and sensors
  • Used for machines and implement steering
  • High accuracy for row crops
  • Best suitable for specialty applications (e.g. vegitable cultivation, …)
Work path


  • PSR with GNSS : Possibility to store 200 lines
  • A/B and A+ :
    Parallel driving using one defined track by setting an A- and a B- point or by entering a cardinal point
  • Multi-line : Up to 10 A/B- or A+-lines are summerized
  • Pivots : Circular lines e.g. for irrigation
  • Reversing : On Track automatic steering while reversing
  • PSR SONIC : Ultrasound