Garlic breaker & sorter

Garlic breaker & sorter
Transfer → Breaking → Manual selection → Transfer → Sorting and collection
Easy-changeable mesh for different seeds
Garlic, chestnut, jujube, plum, etc. can be sorted.

Product specification

  • Model HADA-GBS4
  • L X W X H 800 X 8,000 X 1,681㎜
  • Weight 852㎏
  • Working efficiency Garlic clove_250kg/h
    Garlic bulb_1,000kg/h
  • Working type Transter → Breaking → Manual selection → Transter → Sorting and collection
  • Power 1.28kw

* The product specifications and dimensions are subject to change without prior notice for further improvement.


  • Four sizes sorting without noise and vibration

  • Easy change of sorting size

  • Working speed controller

  • Convenient collection after sorting

Garlic breaking and soring line

Easy-change of a mesh

  • 1st soring size is set at 12mm from a factory
    (*Changeable from 4 to 16mm)

  • Sorting sizes are not changable
    (*Different sorting size can be discussed before ordering)