Garlic sorter

Easy operationable sorting mahcine
Hexagonal cylinder typed mesh
Garlic bulb, chestnut, date, plums, etc
Easy-changeable soring mesh for different seeds
Simple design and excellent sorting performance
No noise & dust thanks to a rotational sorting type

Product specification

  • Model JK-GS4M
  • L X W X H 920 X 1,650 X 1,200㎜
  • Weight 121㎏
  • Working speed 800kg/h
  • Speed control Digital Speed Control
  • Working type Rotating with no viberation
  • Power 0.2㎾ (0.06+0.14) / 220V
  • Sorting mesh type Primary inner cylinder + secondary hexagonal roller system
  • Sorting type 1st (8~16㎜), 2nd (16~18㎜), 3rd, (18~23㎜), 4th (24㎜~)
  • Blower capacity 192㎥/h

* The product specifications and dimensions are subject to change without prior notice for further improvement.


  • Air blower

  • Four sizes soring without noise and vibration

  • Adjustable height

  • Digital speed controller

Easy change of a mesh

  • 1st soring size is set at 12mm from a factory
    (*Changeable from 4 to 16mm)

  • Sorting sizes are not changable
    (*Different sorting size can be discussed before ordering)

How to use a sorter for a garlic planter.

  • Garlic planter needs well size-sorted garlic
    2nd and 3rd sorted sizes are recommned for a garlic planter
    Garlic planter needs a right size of garlic clove picker according to the different size of garlic clove.
  • When less or more than one garlic clove is picked up
    Need to change a different size of garlic picker
    Different species garlic may need different size of garlic picker
  • Drying garlic before operation.
    Wet garlic with any liquid is banned for operation.
    Garlic must be dried before operation.
  • Economically efficient.
    It is highly efficient as you can sort out garlic cloves during a seeding season and garlic bulbs during a harvesting season by changing a sorting mesh.