Garlic topper

Side discharge type garlic topper
High robustness with a high tensile iron.
Simple powertrain design makes easy maintenance and repair
Side ventilation with an optimal hydrodynamic design.
Automatic cutting height control for a garlic and onion stem.

Product specification

  • Model HADA-STD1400
  • L X W X H 1,400 X 1,780 X 970㎜
  • Weight 595㎏
  • Required tractor 40hp <
  • Working width 1,400㎜
  • Connecting type Three-points (CAT I)
  • Cutting height control Sensor_ automatic height adjustment
  • Rotation axis 4ea

* The product specifications and dimensions are subject to change without prior notice for further improvement.


  • Cutting height automatic controllerAutomatic cutting height control system to keep cutting height constant regardless of terrain

  • Sideway stem discharging deviceEasy post-work after sidevent

  • Quadruple high-strength rotary cutting bladeEffective stem cutting by applying a quadruple robust blades